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Grrrr…. YouTube problem. Yaaay… Solved!

So here’s the story, or at least the short version. Last night while watching a live stream on YouTube, I was suddenly signed out and when I signed in again discovered that I had NO access to my YouTube channel. The Supernatural Christian. The interview with Mary Lake was still available to view but YouTube was telling me I had no YouTube channel. Sooooo.

After a restless night (nothing keeps me awake more than noodling a technology problem) I had at it again this morning.

Solution…. I created a new YouTube Channel and reloaded the Mary Lake Interview under a slightly different title so that this new channel will come up. Whew!!

Here is the reload of the interview. I would appreciate it if you would click on it, go to the youtube button at the bottom, AND … even if you have watched it, please just ‘like’ it since that will keep it coming up when people search. And if you feel inspired, you might subscribe which is a really good thing since you will get notifications of when I put up the next video and helps the channel get seen.

I will be posting a video soon.

What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know: An interview with Mary Lake

I have just launched my new YouTube channel with an interview I did with Mary Lake, author of What Witches Don’t want Christians to Know.

In this interview Mary discusses her experience with live long depression and how she was healed of it by uncovering its’ root. She also relates her experience of being targeted by the occult, many of whom were members in local churches.

It’s a compelling interview and I hope it serves you.

I’m posting the interview below but please take a moment and go to my YouTube page to subscribe. And if you liked this interview please give it a thumbs up!