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Astrology, Orbs and Energy Healing

Should a Christian have their astrology chart done or read their daily horoscope, thinking it’s innocent and all in fun?

“What are Orbs and is it safe that my granddaughter is talking to one?” Here is a picture of an orb by my shoulder (when I was working in the New Age), taken while I was investigating a reported haunting. IMG_0113

Notice that a portion of it on the top left is behind the curtain. If this was just caused by dust on the camera lens it would not appear behind the curtain. I consider orbs to be demonic deceptions and that is how this is possible.

And what about energy healing? Is it safe for Christians to be seeing a healer.

Whether or not a person is a Christian, these practices are dangerous for everyone to engage in.

I hope you will listen as I answer email questions about these topics and more ….. what are aliens?

I promise you I will be putting up actual videos, i.e. real moving pictures! I am still sorting out the technology, which as you can tell if you’ve listened, is not my forte. I hope this “video” is useful to you in the meantime.