The Alien Covenant Deception

This past weekend I went to see Alien Covenant, the third in Ridley Scott’s Alien series. I had seen the second movie Prometheus when it was released as well since I was and still am interested in the theory of panspermia. Panspermia is a theory of creation that posits that all life on earth was seeded by aliens.

This is largely an effort by athiest and neo-Darwinists to address intelligent design in a way that allows them to hold on to some thread of evolution.

The video below is my discussion of the significance of the film to Chrisitians who will be called more and more to speak to such topics as UFO’s an panspermia itself.

The deception that is possible if not likely, is that these alien ‘Engineers’ will arrive to save us from our own selves and announce themselves to be our creators. That’s a large picture and we may not have to deal with it in our lifetime, but how will we speak to people with whom we are sharing the Gospel when they ask us what we think about aliens, or where do UFO’s fit in to God’s plan? It’s certainly something I have had to speak to.

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The Purpose Driven Deception: The New World Order

If you have read The Purpose Driven Life, or The Purpose Driven Church, if you believe these books have a Christian foundation, or if you attend or know someone attending a seeker sensitive church, then please take the time to watch this entire film.

I know it’s lengthy, but it is one of the most well laid out presentation and exposure of Rick Warren’s Peace Plan, his agenda and his roots in Peter Druker’s social engineering beliefs.

Watch it in segments, but please watch it.

I’m working on my next video for you and trust that this will give you food for thought and prayer in the meantime.

New video up and ready!!

I have uploaded “Don’t Get Trapped in the Shack” on youtube.

It’s a Christian critique of the novel The Shack, discussing Universal Reconciliation, the fact of evil, and Post Modern relativism.

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Astrology, Orbs and Energy Healing

Should a Christian have their astrology chart done or read their daily horoscope, thinking it’s innocent and all in fun?

“What are Orbs and is it safe that my granddaughter is talking to one?” Here is a picture of an orb by my shoulder (when I was working in the New Age), taken while I was investigating a reported haunting. IMG_0113

Notice that a portion of it on the top left is behind the curtain. If this was just caused by dust on the camera lens it would not appear behind the curtain. I consider orbs to be demonic deceptions and that is how this is possible.

And what about energy healing? Is it safe for Christians to be seeing a healer.

Whether or not a person is a Christian, these practices are dangerous for everyone to engage in.

I hope you will listen as I answer email questions about these topics and more ….. what are aliens?

I promise you I will be putting up actual videos, i.e. real moving pictures! I am still sorting out the technology, which as you can tell if you’ve listened, is not my forte. I hope this “video” is useful to you in the meantime.

Grrrr…. YouTube problem. Yaaay… Solved!

So here’s the story, or at least the short version. Last night while watching a live stream on YouTube, I was suddenly signed out and when I signed in again discovered that I had NO access to my YouTube channel. The Supernatural Christian. The interview with Mary Lake was still available to view but YouTube was telling me I had no YouTube channel. Sooooo.

After a restless night (nothing keeps me awake more than noodling a technology problem) I had at it again this morning.

Solution…. I created a new YouTube Channel and reloaded the Mary Lake Interview under a slightly different title so that this new channel will come up. Whew!!

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What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know: An interview with Mary Lake

I have just launched my new YouTube channel with an interview I did with Mary Lake, author of What Witches Don’t want Christians to Know.

In this interview Mary discusses her experience with live long depression and how she was healed of it by uncovering its’ root. She also relates her experience of being targeted by the occult, many of whom were members in local churches.

It’s a compelling interview and I hope it serves you.

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Patricia Langer