Grrrr…. YouTube problem. Yaaay… Solved!

So here’s the story, or at least the short version. Last night while watching a live stream on YouTube, I was suddenly signed out and when I signed in again discovered that I had NO access to my YouTube channel. The Supernatural Christian. The interview with Mary Lake was still available to view but YouTube was telling me I had no YouTube channel. Sooooo.

After a restless night (nothing keeps me awake more than noodling a technology problem) I had at it again this morning.

Solution…. I created a new YouTube Channel and reloaded the Mary Lake Interview under a slightly different title so that this new channel will come up. Whew!!

Here is the reload of the interview. I would appreciate it if you would click on it, go to the youtube button at the bottom, AND … even if you have watched it, please just ‘like’ it since that will keep it coming up when people search. And if you feel inspired, you might subscribe which is a really good thing since you will get notifications of when I put up the next video and helps the channel get seen.

I will be posting a video soon.