The Supernatural Christian is a ministry with an outreach to those who a have a history with the New Age, the Occult, people who have experienced UFO/alien phenomena, and those who have practiced yoga, tai chi, or meditation.

It is also a place for Christians who have had supernatural experiences, or have questions or an interest how the New Age is infiltrating the Church.

Patricia is a Christian writer, researcher, and speaker. She has traveled the world pursuing her interest in healing. She has lived and traveled with a traditional healer in Zimbabwe where she studied trance possession. She has researched and taught the Eleusinian and Aesclepian mysteries of ancient Greece over several trips.

Patricia has led several pilgrimages to Greece, to the Black Madonna sites in France, as well as Catholic pilgrimages to Lourdes.

Patricia wrote, produced and filmed a documentary on the Black Madonna in France, including the annual pilgrimage of the Roma (gypsy) to Ste. Marie de la Mer. The arrival of Mary Magdalene and Martha is re-enacted  by both the Gypsies and Provencal peoples of France, as it is believed she sought safety here after the resurrection of Christ.

Patricia shot a second documentary on Marian appearances at Lourdes and at Mejugorje in Bosnia where she allegedly appeared to a group of youth.

Before coming to Christ Patricia owned and directed a centre for healing and consciousness where she taught energy healing, yoga, meditation, mythology and mystical traditions, as well as all that is written about in the above paragraphs.

Patricia practiced as a clairvoyant and remote viewer for years, working on missing persons cases. She had had clairvoyant abilities since early childhood.

What the enemy intended for evil, God is has turned for good as Patricia’s past experiences are now resources in ministry to the lost as well as to the Church as it is being impacted by the New Age teaching of Universalism and a relativistic world view.


Patricia Langer