Can Christians be Psychic?

I am often approached by a fellow Christian about a psychic experience they have had. They are shy to talk about it since it is a taboo experience among Christians.

In this video I cover what psychic abilities are and what all of this means to Christians.

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Sleep Paralysis: How can I stop it?

Many people experience waking up during the night unable to move, their eyes wide open but they can’t speak or move a muscle and frightened or even terrified because of the awareness of a malevolent presence in the room. This is called sleep paralysis.

This phenomena that science, after all its research can’t explain. Sleep paralysis is not a brain dysfunction or caused by stress. It is a spiritual phenomenon – a demonic attack.

In this video I discuss the causes and solutions.

Will The Binding Curse Witches Put on Donald Trump Actually Work?

I read an article in the L.A. Times this morning by a witch who, among thousands of witches across America, has put a binding curse on Donald Trump.

I’m astonished that a major paper would publish such a piece since it was not a report about someone putting a spell on him but rather an accounting of her own participation.

My response was to make the following video.

The Alien Covenant Deception

This past weekend I went to see Alien Covenant, the third in Ridley Scott’s Alien series. I had seen the second movie Prometheus when it was released as well since I was and still am interested in the theory of panspermia. Panspermia is a theory of creation that posits that all life on earth was seeded by aliens.

This is largely an effort by athiest and neo-Darwinists to address intelligent design in a way that allows them to hold on to some thread of evolution.

The video below is my discussion of the significance of the film to Chrisitians who will be called more and more to speak to such topics as UFO’s an panspermia itself.

The deception that is possible if not likely, is that these alien ‘Engineers’ will arrive to save us from our own selves and announce themselves to be our creators. That’s a large picture and we may not have to deal with it in our lifetime, but how will we speak to people with whom we are sharing the Gospel when they ask us what we think about aliens, or where do UFO’s fit in to God’s plan? It’s certainly something I have had to speak to.

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Patricia Langer